Sunday, March 1, 2009

i dun know y??

i dun know y people like the perfect person??

i dun know y my life doesn't alwiz go as i wish??
mybe xcukup doa kot..hehe

i dun know y me are not a best student??
xblajau cmne nk jd bes student

i dun y my twin call me tam??

i dun know y me so lazy 2 study hard??
i should change dis sikap kn..huhu

i dun know y i choose him 2 b my bezfwen??
mybe bcz he is nice person:)

i dun know y my english is not like omputih??

i dun know y i got da bad result 2 MUET??
it was unexpected..huhu

i dun know y azi alwiz get jealous with me n seha??

i dun know y today my topup sale not very gud??
is it sumone try 2 down my bussiness??

i dun know y sometime i'm a sengal person??
that's what my twin call me

there is a lot question in my life n there is a little answer..
better found out the answer by myself b4 i die